Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sunday School Rally

Every year we always end our camp meeting with a big Sunday School Rally on Saturday morning. The churches who participate make banners with themes. My church's theme was "As For Me And My House We Will Serve The Lord." Every church then puts on a skit or sings a song. We have judges and we just have a fun time seeing what other churches come up with. It is something that people look forward to every year.

This was the first year that my friend Buck and his church did a banner and it was great. Their theme was, "Who's Your Idol?" Their skit was like American Idol, they had different people stand up and tell things about their favorite idol. One said Johnny Depp, another said Oprah (LOL!!!), and every time my friend Buck (who played Simon) would say that's not what the world needs. Then a young man stood up and said that his Idol was Jesus Christ and Buck said, "That's what the world needs." Buck spoke after the skit and told people that Jesus wasn't an idol, but that he was God. They did an awesome job for their first year!!!

Bro. Paul Hagen's church's theme was, "Dear God, I have a problem." They made us all laugh with the first part of their skit (you had to be there to understand). Then they sung, "There Is A Remedy" and during their song they had things on a projector about problems that some of their people in their church had faced and every time a new name would come on the screen then that person would step forward. Here are some of the things that they showed on the projector. Brother Paul Hagen had brain surgery and they didn't think he would ever walk again, but he is walking. Greg was dying of cancer and he was healed. (I have known Greg and his wife Tomi for awhile and when he had cancer, I wanted to go and visit him in the hospital. Greg had beautiful thick hair and the day we visited him, I walked into that hospital room and saw a bald headed Greg. I almost felt like leaving the room and crying. But thank God he healed Greg and now Greg has his beautiful thick hair back.) Jerry had grew up in a barn and thanks to God he went from rags to riches. Kristina was in a Punk Band and now she is in a Praise Band. Judy (Paul Hagen's wife) had prayed for her family to be saved and now all of her family is Christians. Jim lived in sin for 62 years and now he is a Christian (Jim puts young people to shame, because he runs and shouts and worships God). There were more but I can't name them all. I love there theme and what they did, it was very uplifting.

Another church that my friends (Mark, Lisa, Emily, Ted, Faith and Nathaniel) go to. Did there skit to, "If We Are The Body." They had a man from their church dressed like Jesus walking around the people in their skit saying to them, "Help them, she is hurting, help him, I can make him something great." It was very beautiful, the whole skit made me think how I should be nice to people and go and welcome people when they come to our church. Some people would not know it, but I am shy around new people. I really need to start welcoming new people when they come into our church. All the banners, skits and songs were great. I really enjoyed my whole week at camp meeting. I probably won't post for a couple of days. I plan on resting.

Camp Meeting Day 6

Tonight was special because Bro. Paul Hagen lead everyone in singing Higher Ground. I learn something new all the time, I didn't even know Paul could sing. Witness with honorary member Brian Baer sung one song together. I don't know if Brian had Witness to sing, "It's Amazing What A Prayer Can Do" or if they decided to sing it. Well lets just say God put the song on someones heart and it was great everything that happened. During the song we had miracles walking around the church. Little children and a family carrying their little baby (and I mean little, I saw the baby after church). A man from the church that my grandmother attended when she was living, walked around the church, he had prayed to God asking for 15 more years to live and he has been living now for 13 years. The man had heart surgery and as the song says its amazing what a prayer can do. There were other older folks that marched around the church and a mother and daughter walked around. I received the biggest blessing when a man carried a little baby upon the stage and handed the little baby to Scott Adams (one of the members of Witness). Scott said, "this is my miracle." It was so beautiful.

Brian Baer didn't give his scripture because I don't think he was really going to preach. He told us the title of his message was, Jesus Passed By! As only Brian can do he started telling us his message in story form. You would have to hear him to get the full affect. After he finished one of the missionaries from Mexico wanted all the preachers to gather and pray for Brian that God would take his sugar diabetes away from him before next camp meeting. They prayed for Brian and then they started praying for other people. I was standing at my seat and looked over the heads at one point and I do believe I saw two of the missionaries dancing. Someone got the Not For Sale sign and some of the preachers were holding it up together. Paul ask people who had cameras to come up on the stage and take pictures of it. So I had someone ask me to go and take a picture for them and when I was standing on the stage it was such a beautiful sight I saw. The whole week has been AWESOME!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Camp Meeting Day 5

Tonight was Red, White, and Blue night. They had all the veterans to come to front of the church. They had one of the veterans to hold the American flag and they ask my friend Buck (my friend Dawn's dad) to say the pledge allegiance. Then we sung God Bless America and then we had another veteran lead prayer. We was also blessed to hear are missionary from Haiti sing. Brother Dieusse is always a blessing, a interesting fact about Bro. Dieusse that I just found out tonight is he can speak four languages. Paul joked with him and said that he couldn't speak Ohio Appalachian language. (I have a funny story about Bro. Dieusse that I will share another time.)

Calvin Ray Evans preached tonight from 1 Kings 18:4. He said that during the Bible times people would go to the caves because they were afraid. He stated that fear is faith in the enemy. He then read from Joshua 10:16-18, 22, 26 and 27. He talked about how Christian people run to caves to hid from the world and eventually the devil has them in a prison and then they spiritually die. He told us to come out of the caves. He had my pastor and his family to sing and people started praising the Lord and some people and families went to the altar to pray. Others were hugging people and two of the young girls from my church got the Not For Sale sign and started walking around the church. It was a great night. Close to the end we were standing around looking at one another trying to figure out what to do next. So Witness sung with honorary member Brian Baer. Then Brian played the piano and sung. When Brian sit down to play the piano, Cal Ray looked at him and said, "now your playing the piano." Brian can sing and play a lot of different instruments.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Camp Meeting Day 4

Tonight as all the other nights has been very powerful. The youth marched around the building with occasional old people (LOL!!!). Brother Paul Hagen had been telling us each night how much money they needed for the services and tonight he said that he was not taking up an offering. So while Witness (Witness did another awesome job tonight!) was singing a man approached Paul and gave him $50 and challenged 100 people to give $50. When Witness stopped singing, Paul stood up and told the challenge and he had some men start walking up and down the aisles, just in case someone wanted to give money to them at that time. Well I think before Paul had the men to go off the stage, Marcus (Paul's grandson) came up with a check someone had wrote to give to his dad (Ryan Hagen) for a $1000. Paul had Witness to sing some more while the men ran to each person to collect money. Paul had emptied his pockets and people started coming putting money in his pockets. It was so great!!! What blessed me the most was some of the missionaries that had come to the states gave money to Paul, I know God will bless them in a special way. Before it was said and done, Paul stood up on the stage and said that there were two preachers who had preached about a double portion in their messages and Paul said we have a double portion in offering. He told us that they were taking what they needed for the camp's expenses and they were giving the rest to the youth camp (I believe they gave the youth camp around $4000).

Tonight Bro. Delmar Rogers preached, he preached from Luke 13:1-5 and he also read Acts 17:30. He preached about repentance, he said that many preachers don't preach repentance anymore, because no one likes to be told that they are sinners. He told the definition for the word repent, which means to feel regret, to change one's mind, to make change for the better, to reject or refuse sins. He read Isaiah 55:7 and 8, this is scripture that defines repentance. We had people come to the altar, but we haven't seen anyone saved (please pray we will see some people saved).

Also I forgot to mention that we missed a lot of things that happened during the night on Tuesday. I guess after church was over and everyone was in there rooms. Some of the youth (I believe it was the girls) got together and had a little meeting, some of the girls were giving up their nose rings and tongue rings and giving up CDs (Delmar said that if they had had tattoos they would probably have tried to get rid of them). I guess that there was some conflict and my friend Dawn jumped up on a bed and started saying that it was from the devil and that it should not be this way. From what I heard it sounded like she was giving them a sermon or something, because the youth started doing some repenting. (Even though I am years older than Dawn she gives me advice like this all the time when I am feeling down. She is a good kid, God bless her.)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camp Meeting Day 3

Tonight the choir sung and they started singing "We've Got The Power." Brother Paul Hagen started preaching and he told us that we have God's power and he told people that some people might need to come to the altar or hold hands and agree with one another that we had the power in the name of Jesus. The service really started out good. I love hearing Paul preach, he is one of my favorites. We had two girls from Kentucky Mountain Bible College sing. They did an awesome job. Witness of course did very well singing. When Witness sung they had a few more people go to the altar.

Brian Baer preached tonight. Before he started preaching he came off the stage and reached behind the small wall of the stage and picked up this big sign. He held it up and it said NOT FOR SALE! He set the sign up and went back on the stage, he preached from 1 Kings 21:1-4 about Ahab wanting Naboth's vineyard. He said that Naboth represents the child of God. Then he said that some preachers say that Ahab represents the devil, but he said that really Jezebel represents the devil. She was the one behind the scenes telling Ahab what to do. Jezebel was pulling Ahab's strings, just like how the devil uses someone to get us down. Brian told us that Ahab tempted Naboth three different ways to try and get Naboth to let him have his vineyard. First he said give it to me (v. 2). Second Ahab told Naboth that he would give him a better vineyard. Third Ahab said he would give him money for the vineyard.

After all this Naboth would not give his land away, he would not trade it or sale it. In Brian's own words he said he would not sale his inheritance, his home or his heart. Brian told of how are conference came about and how we should not sale out for what our founders worked so hard to build up. He said we need to take a stand and tell others that We Are Not For Sale! Naboth died because Jezebel had two false witnesses come against him, but all the way to his grave Naboth would not sale out. Brian told of how Jesus purchased our salvation and he made the statement, "how can the devil buy something that ain't for sale." He said if we are serious about our relationship with God then we can't sale out.

I'm going to say that I am not going to sale out. I'm NOT FOR SALE. I've had to many people invest their time into me, for me to be nothing for God and sit back and let the devil get his way. I want to live a good life and some people will say that I've been brainwash to want to live a moral life and maybe I have. But at least I know my mother didn't have to go get my dad because he was too drunk to get home. My dad never has tasted alcohol, he saw two drunks walking up the road one day and they kept falling down and he ask his mother what was wrong with them. She said, "that is what alcohol will do to you." He promised God then he would never taste it and the smell makes him sick. I went through a similar situation with an uncle and I made the same promise. If people would think about what it does to people and children and family and friends. It is terrible.

I made the statement a couple weeks ago teaching Sunday School, that there are no morals. And it is the truth. People who have morals are the bad guys now. There is this commercial on TV for an energy drink and it promotes having one night stands. When I saw it, it made me want to throw up. I won't be drinking that energy drink. So if you didn't get it before, I'M NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Camp Meeting Day 2

Tonight we received good news about a twelve year boy who was in a accident with his grandfather (the boy's grandfather was killed in the accident). They didn't think the boy was going to make it, but his aunt stood at the front of the church and told that he has no brain damage, he opened his eyes today and squeezed his mother's hand. It was very exciting hearing this good news.

The choir sung first and I don't know how many times they went through the song "We'll Soon Be Done With Troubles And Trials." It was great listening to them. Then when they took the offering up, they let Sister Benner and Nathan Davis play "Goodbye World Goodbye" on the piano. They both can really play that piano and they start off normal and while they keep playing they get faster the longer they go. Witness (the group singing at our camp meeting) did an awesome job tonight. I love listening to them sing. My mom bought Witness' bluegrass CD tonight and we listened to it coming home. It is a great CD.

Bro. Calvin Ray Evans preached tonight. He preached from 1 Samuel 17:1-3. He focused on the place Ephesdammim. Each place in the Bible has a meaning and Ephesdammim meaning is "The boundary of the Blood!" He told us no matter how strong the devil is, he can't pass the boundary of the blood. He also told us that he thought about the reason why David used a sling to fight with. And he said this thought came to him. He fought with a sling so he would not have to cross the boundary line of the blood. The message really helped me and I enjoyed it very much. Many people went to the altar to receive help.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Camp Meeting Day 1

We had a great time tonight. We had people going to the altar and worshipping God. We actually thought that we might not have any preaching, because the service was going really good. I was hoping we would have preaching though, because I wanted to hear Bro. Delmar Rogers preach. I say he preached about 10 minutes or so. He did a very good job. He is one of my favorite preachers.

He read 2 Kings 2:7-15 and his text was, "Where is the Lord God of Elijah? (v.14)" He talked about the power of God and people needing to pick up the mantles of people who have passed on. I related with this message a lot, because lately I have been feeling I was born in the wrong time period. I even said that at my church one night, but I also made the statement that God let me be born in this generation for a reason. I hear the old timers talk about the church services years ago and I wish I could have been around then. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy church, but I would like for the fire to fall and we could have us a good time in the Lord. Brother Delmar had them to pass out a song before church started, it is called "Let Thy Mantle Fall On Me." Here are the words to the song.

Let Thy Mantle Fall On Me

Elijah was God's prophet; Elisha stood close by,
And ere the prophet left him, He heard his servant cry.

Chorus: Let thy mantle fall on me; Let thy mantle fall on me.
A double portion of Thy Spirit, Lord - Let thy mantle fall on me.

Then Elijah made the promise; That, if faithful he would be,
His petition would be granted, And God's glory he would see.

Chorus: Let thy mantle fall on me; Let thy mantle fall on me.
A double portion of Thy Spirit, Lord - Let thy mantle fall on me.

As Elijah rose to heaven; In a chariot of fire,
He did not forget his servant, Who expressed one strong desire;

Chorus: Let thy mantle fall on me; Let thy mantle fall on me.
A double portion of Thy Spirit, Lord - Let thy mantle fall on me.

In the Upper Room they waited - 'Twas the faithful Christian band,
And their prayer was heard and answered Over in the glory land.

Chorus: Let Thy Spirit fall on me; Let Thy Spirit fall on me.
The promised blessing may it be out poured. Let Thy Spirit fall on me.

That prayer of early Christians, Long ago and far away,
Is the cry of all God's children; And He's just the same today!

Chorus: Let Thy Spirit fall on me; Let Thy Spirit fall on me.
The promised blessing may it be out poured. Let Thy Spirit fall on me.

Update on Bryan Witt!! We had eight preachers ordained tonight and Bryan's son Shaun was ordained. The preachers would have someone to escort them down the aisle, so Shaun had his mom and dad walk down the aisle with him. When Bryan passed I noticed he has a white bandage over his finger, but other than that he looks fine. Thanks to everyone who prayed for him.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Weekends....

Well I never posted anything about my weekend (last weekend), so I decided to talk about it now. Last weekend was so busy. We went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Then my friends and I left and we stopped by my friend's apartment to drop off her little girl's gifts. Then we left and went to our local dirt track. We had a fun time and I'm use to the races not being over until 1am or 2am, sometimes it lasts longer then that. But I was very surprised when all the races were done by 11:45pm!!! We even saw a race that they didn't get to finish from the week before. Then on Sunday morning I taught our Sunday School class. So last weekend was very busy.

Now that brings me to this weekend. We had a family reunion yesterday and came home about 3pm or so. My brother and his family hung out for awhile then they left. After they left I got ready to leave again. At about 5:30pm we left to pick up our friend, then we went to a church, they were having my favorite Christian singer Wade Spencer and a few others singing. We really enjoyed all the singing. I was so happy to hear Wade Spencer's sister Geniece Spencer Ingold (her, her husband, their daughter and their daughter's husband have a group called The Ingolds). Before Wade and his sister and their brother Kevin started their own Christian music careers, they sung with their parents. Geniece Spencer Ingold wrote one of my favorite songs called "In My Robe Of White." (Video below of Brian Free and Assurance singing In My Robe Of White.) It was so nice hearing Wade and his sister and her husband sing some of the songs that they sung when they were all the together as The Spencers.

OK I'm going to tell on myself. I didn't go to church this morning. They were having a breakfast then they were going to go down to the new church property and have church and they would be outside. That is two of my not so favorite things to do, have breakfast and be outside. Trust me I went to Cedar Point in June and got sick from being so hot. Can I get a AMEN from Marcy! I had told my mom and dad if they were not going to go to church anywhere else not even to wake me up. And they didn't!!! So I slept through Sunday morning services in my bed. I was not glorifying God either. I was glorifying self!!!! (That is a lot of people problems they think they our glorifying God when they are really glorifying their self. And I can say ouch to that.)

So now we go from busy weekends to a busy week. Tonight we start our camp meeting. I look forward to it every year. I'm going to try and post each night or early mornings what happens at our camp meeting. Pray that we will have a good meeting and that people will be saved and some people will accept calls on there lives and people will receive blessings.