Friday, July 27, 2007

Campmeeting Day 6

Well tonight is the last night of campmeeting. It goes so fast. We had a another great night. I think we had are biggest crowd there tonight. We had people saved tonight and people rededicating their lives back to God and Christian people getting help.

Tonight Brian preached and he preached from Matthew 14:13-21. His main text was from v. 16 (They need not depart.). He talked about Jesus feeding the multitude. Also he preached about the woman touching the hem of Jesus' garment, Moses parting the Red Sea, Samson killing 1000 men with a jaw bone and the widow and son that all they had left was a handful of meal. Brian did a awesome job tonight.

Well since campmeeting is over I guess I will have to go back to listening to Brian on CDs and off the Internet. I am sort of sad that campmeeting is over. : ( I really enjoy campmeeting. Tomorrow we will have our Sunday School Rally so that will be fun, I might do a blog tomorrow about that.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Campmeeting Day 5

Tonight was also another awesome night. Cal Ray preached about shouting. The title of his message was "Is Shouting in the Scriptures." He read from Psalm 47:1, Psalm 32:11, Psalm 35:27, and Isaiah 12:6 all these scriptures have something to do with shouting.

He gave five points about shouting they are, Shout without the clout. Shout that brings the rout. Shout without a doubt. The Shout that brought us out. And last but not least, The Shout that will take us out. During his second point he talked about Joshua and the children of Israel marching around Jericho and when he was talking about this, Brian stood up and started blowing a ram's horn. Then everyone started to Praise the Lord.

We then had different men carrying the Christian flag around. At one time some guys I know were running around the church carrying the Christian flag. It was so great. Then close to the end of church everyone was sticking around, so they did not know what to do because no one was leaving. So Cal Ray had this guy come up on the stage and Cal Ray, Brian Baer, Mike Blanton, and this other guy all started singing. They did a good job. I never knew Cal Ray could sing and he is a good singer also.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Campmeeting Day 4

WOW!!! That is all I can really say, tonight was awesome. Paul didn't preach because we had such a great service. Tonight was Red, White, and Blue night, so everyone wore those colors. The choir started the church service singing "God Bless America" and while they were singing my pastor went and got the American flag. Then he went to the microphone and asks this girl that will be leaving for Iraq tomorrow to come and hold the flag, while we said the Pledge of Allegiance. Then after this was done my pastor told of a young man from one of the churches who had already left for Iraq. I thought that was really nice what Pastor Darren did.

The singers started singing and the girl who is going to Iraq came to the altar and had people pray for her. Then some more people went to the altar. We were all having a good time and the singers were going to stop singing, but we told them to keep singing. So they did and more people went to the altar. We had one person saved, maybe more. We also had a young boy accept the call to preach. I knew something was going on with this young boy because he kept going to the altar, he was running from the call. But thank God he quit running tonight. We all had a great time.

I forgot to tell about what I gave Brian last night. I had heard Brian say one time while preaching that when he witnesses to people, he first finds out what they are interested in. So he said if they like Nascar then they talk about Jeff Gordon or how much he does not like Jeff Gordon. But the funniest thing is Brian knows nothing about Nascar. So last night I wrote out stats about my favorite driver Tony Stewart and I gave them to him. I told him that most people don't like my driver. Then he looked down at the paper and he said, "I like this guy, because people say I look like him." I looked at Brian and I could not believe I had not noticed it before. I sort of felt stupid giving him the stats, but after I gave them to him, I was glad because he seemed truly excited about me giving them to him.

Tomorrow night (I mean tonight) Cal Ray Evans will preach. Unless we have another service like we had tonight.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Campmeeting Day 3

Tonight was a very good night, I really enjoyed myself. I had already sort of made plans with some friends to save me a seat on the front row. I have never been on the front row at campmeeting before. I don't know why I had never sit on the front row before. But all I know is I have missed a lot of stuff going on at the front of the church. To tell the truth there was a lot going on all around the church. It was just so exciting.

Brian preached tonight and he preached from Psalm 52 the whole Psalm. He talked about the green olive tree and he made four points. Those points are Forbearance of the olive tree. Foundation of the olive tree. Fruitfulness of the olive tree and Finality of the olive tree. The thing about the finality of the olive tree is the olive tree never dies. So their is no finality. So when David said he was like a green olive tree in the house of God, he was saying that he would never die. For the Christians today, we may die physically but we do not die spiritually. I love that point that Brian made.

At the end many went to the altar. OH, I almost forgot we had three ladies that came from Kentucky Mountain Bible College and sung for us. They did a great job. Well tomorrow (or tonight that is) Paul Hagen will preach again for us.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Campmeeting Day 2

Well tonight was an exciting night (last night that is) also. We had people praising the Lord. One thing I really liked is my friend Brian Baer use to sing with the group that is at our campmeeting, so they let him sing every song with them.

The preaching was done by Cal Ray Evans. He preached from Matthew 3:11 & 12. One thing that I thought was interesting that he told is in the scriptures wheat is used as a reference to saints and/or Christians. I took notes but some of the notes were not very clear. So I won't post the notes, I don't want to confuse anyone.

Someone also gave $3500 for some of the churches over seas. I thought it was great!!! We had a lot of people raise their hand saying they were not saved. Please pray that they will come back and get saved. Tomorrow (or tonight) Brian Baer is preaching. I am so excited, Brian is a very interesting preacher.

Campmeeting Day 1

Well our church campmeeting started last night (since it is after midnight). We live close so we just drive there. So anyways, I really enjoyed myself tonight. The singing was great, the preaching was great, it was all great.

Tonight our general superintendent Paul Hagen preached. I have always enjoyed hearing Paul preach. Tonight he read from Exodus 16:21. He did not read the whole scripture, he read only one line. He preached twenty minutes, but he told us he would preach longer on his second night.

The main part of the scripture he focused on was "And they gathered it every morning....." He said that God gave fresh bread daily to the children of Israel. But it was their job to gather it every day. So likewise it is our job to gather it daily also. For us Christians now, it means that if we want something fresh from God everyday we have to pray and read our Bible. Paul gave altar call and ask people if they felt like they were not doing things like they use to (reading their Bible, praying and attending church) that they needed to come to the altar and ask God to help them.

It was a nice service and I seen a lot of friends also. Tomorrow, or should I say tonight, Cal Ray Evans will be preaching. Then on Tuesday night Brian Baer will preach. During the day they have services at 10:00am and 2:00pm, with Paul Hagen, Cal Ray Evans and Brian Baer in a rotating schedule.