Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A True Statement

My daily Bible reading is in Ezekiel and I ran into something that isn't even talking about sin but is really a place called Sin. And what God said about Sin was a true statement. I had to laugh at the thought that the statement is made about a place but it is a true statement for us here in 2009.

...Sin shall have great pain... Ezekiel 30:16

One day on my Twitter I typed, "Sin is a ripple in the big water of life. It ruins life for everyone, whether they are the one committing the sin or a helpless bystander!" I have someone in my family, well more then one person that never thinks of others. And because of their sins others have to suffer. Sin truly does cause great pain. And usually the person who commits sin never thinks of others. Great pain for others. Sin may be enjoyable and great but the pain and misery holds an ever greater price then the enjoyment.