Thursday, December 2, 2010

Romans VII (Keith Green Song)

Romans VII

The very things I hate, I end up doing,
The things I want to do, I just don't do.
Lord it seems so sad, why am I so bad?
When in my heart I only want to be like You.

The very ones I love I end up hurting,
The ones I want to help I pass right by.
Now I want to be, finally set free
The Grace You've shown, the love I've known,
Please let it shine through me.

I want to love them, the way You do,
I want to serve them, by serving You.

Lord how I know Your Tender Heart must be broken,
By all those unkept promises I've made,
The question still prevails, please take away the veil,
About how You forgive, and still You live inside when I fail.

I want to love them all, the way You do,
I want to serve them, by serving You.
I want to be like you; Jesus I do.

I want to love them all, the way You do,
I want to serve them, by serving You.
Yes, I want to be like you; Jesus I do

* * * * *
One of these days I'm gonna get it right. A quote from me.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Lets Cancel It Then! (Keep Reading)

Well isn't this something I'm blogging for a second time today but I figure I would because my cousin told me about this. Now first thing I want to say is, we all have the right to say what we want to say and I respect the people (not how they believe but they have their rights here in our country). What I'm talking about is what the American Atheists put on a billboard in New Jersey (I think). Anyways the billboard has the three wise men coming to a scene of the manger with a star over the manger. And the billboard says, "You KNOW it's a Myth / This Season, Celebrate REASON!"

You know I understand them not liking our holiday because I don't like their holiday either that is celebrated in April on the first day. But here is my point I want to make, if we are wrong for celebrating Christmas because I BELIEVE in the virgin birth. Then everyone shouldn't celebrate Christmas because of Santa Claus because that is definitely a myth there!!! (Hopefully there are no small children that read this blog. LOL!) Come on folks lets get serious. Now read this very carefully because I'm not an atheist but these are some thoughts that have been going through my head here lately. Why do we put up trees and put lights on the outside of our houses? Why do we turn blue (freezing to death) on Black Friday? (Which is something I've never done.) Why do we give gifts on Jesus' birthday? (And that doesn't mean I wouldn't like a few.) I mean I can't understand why we do some of the things we do.

Christmas is to celebrate Jesus! But were there any Christmas trees up or lights on the manger? The only light was a star to guide some rich smart guys to Jesus. And the night He was born angels sang the announcement to shepherds (some poor and maybe even dumb guys). So if we are wrong then others are wrong too and we should take all the stuff down and forget about it. But because my Saviour was born on this day (which some speculate that he was really born in April, ah, warmer weather!), I will celebrate this Christmas and every other one after this one.

Needing A Good Laugh...

Everyone gets a little down every once in awhile (here lately my once and while has mounted up to once a day or more times in a day). But I'm really thankful that six years ago I was able to get my dog Gizmo. In a way that little dog was sent from God. Just today we was laughing because he was doing something he wasn't suppose to being doing. Well my mom and I didn't mind he was doing it but my dad was another story. He (Gizmo) has been wanting to lay on top of my dad's chair (the very top). So not only are we getting a laugh at him doing something he isn't suppose to be doing, I'm also laughing at the thought that cats lay where ever they want and maybe Gizmo is confused about his identity. LOL!

Here are a couple of videos from YouTube...

And by far this is still the best pug head tilt...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

41 Years Ago...

Well 41 years ago today (which is something I don't remember seeing how I wasn't around until 1982). I can tell you one thing about today, my cousin Marcy was born.