Friday, June 1, 2007

Bee Scary

Well "Bee Scary" is the name of this blog for today. "Bee" is for the spelling bee and "Scary" for the Scary Walking Man.

Last night was the big spelling bee and I love watching it. I have problems spelling words sometimes but I love the bee. I really appreciate having a computer to help me spell words. Thanks to and the little talking man on there, one website I use a lot. So the winning word was "serrefine" and the winner was Evan O'Dorney (13 years old) from Danville, Calif. The kid does not like the spelling bee, he likes numbers and music notes more then words.

You know I don't know what it is like to win a spelling bee. I compare winning the spelling bee to beating my cousin Marcy in Literati that one time that I did beat her. It was on December 15, 2005, very early in the morning the game ended and I looked at the score and I WON, FINALLY, I WON!!!!!!!!! Then Marcy said "You won and it's your birthday, Happy Birthday." That truly was one great birthday, but that might be how some kids feel. I really don't think Evan felt that way, but maybe he did.

* * * * *

Now onto "Scary Walking Man". My cousin Jon called me yesterday and said that he had been looking at war memorials and he came across "Scary Walking Man" and more. So I went and looked at the pictures (with my mom by my side) and I call these statues "Scary Walking Man and Brothers". These statues represent the Korean War Veterans Memorial. There is one picture of this memorial on Wikipedia of what I call the "Ghost Face Wall" and it is scary too.

Earlier this morning I was on the Korean War Veterans Memorial Home Page. They say that you can come and visit this memorial between the times of 8 a.m.-Midnight. I have to say that you would be nuts to walk around these 7 feet tall statues at midnight. They could literally kill you and put your face on the "Ghost Face Wall". I know I am going crazy, but these are very scary, scary men!!!!!!

Just to let you know there are 19 of those statues and who knows how many faces on the "Ghost Face Wall".

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Everyone has something that they fear. I have a lot of fears (oh I just admitted that). One of my major fears is of statues. They look so scary and some look almost real. I am not a statue person. I guess I think they are going to come to life and kill me or something. So here are some statues that I am afraid of.

"Scary Walking Man" I did not know exactly what the name of the statue was. So I named it "Scary Walking Man". This statue I could just see it chasing me.

Big Jesus (Christ the Redeemer) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. This statue is on a skateboarding video game and every time I would see it I would scream and cover my eyes. My cousin Chris would have to tell me when it was off the screen. I am sort of feeling more comfortable when I see the Big Jesus statue, but I have no desire to go see the Big Jesus in person.

Scary Angel (Grave of Chester Arthur the 21st President), who ever put this on his grave I think was insane. I would be afraid that this angel would come to life and dig my grave up. Thanks to my cousin Jon for showing me this scary angel.

Giant Sinking Jesus (King of Kings) in Monroe, Ohio. The church that has this statue is called Solid Rock Church. I am telling people the name of the church that way if they are afraid of statues they can stay away from this church. I would like to send a e-mail to the church, and ask them why they have this statue? Are they trying to keep people that are afraid of statues away from their church. This statue cost $250,000. My cousin Jon told me about this statue also. He saw this statue in person when he was coming down to Kentucky on I-95 (so stay off I-95 if you are afraid of statues).

Last but not least, this is really not a statue just a bust of John Rankin's head. The bust of his head is on his grave. This bust looks like it could glow in the dark. I would be afraid to come along in a dark graveyard and see this head. SCARY!!!!!!!!!

Well I told you one of my fears and I know you probably got a laugh from it.