Saturday, October 24, 2009


This is one of my favorite Wade Spencer's songs!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Challenge

A couple of weeks ago my pastor made a challenge. The thing about this challenge is for the last four years he had been making this challenge off and on trying to get people to take him up on the offer. The challenge was to remember Romans 8 and stand in church and say it. Well that Sunday night when he said it I came home and started going over it. And I had it remembered that Wednesday but never stood. So last Sunday I came in and ask Pastor Paul if I could stand at my seat and say it and he said I could.

When I stood I was so nervous and I understand totally why some preachers have to move around because they might be nervous too. Paul brought back a mic. And I said all of Romans 8. I know when I was finished I felt like raising a fist into the air but didn't. Paul asked me to come to the front and he gave me a hundred dollar bill.

We had some guests from Michigan at church also that day. One of the men preached in the morning and the other preached that evening. After the evening service they stood in the back so we could shake hands and one of the men ask if I would remember it. I told him that I wanted to try and remember it. So everyday of this past week I have said it once or twice. I have to thank God for helping me and also to the ones that prayed that I could stand up and do it. Also thanks to a wonderful church that I was afraid might not think that I should have done it because I had only been attending for close to 3 months but after I said it they rejoiced with me. And people I didn't even know stopped me in Wal-mart to congratulate me. I thank God for filling in the pieces of the puzzle that I didn't know how they were going to fit or when it would come to pass. As I said God filled in the pieces and in his time brought me to a wonderful church. (And that is a story within it's self how God was leading me.)