Friday, July 24, 2009

Camp Meeting Day 5

Last night we had our "Red, White, and Blue Night!" We had all the veterans to come and we sung God Bless America and we also said the pledge of allegiance. I'm not sure which preacher said this (I think it was Paul Hagen), but he said that we needed to thank those men that we still had the freedom to gather. We gave them a standing ovation.

Also last night Paul Hagen wrote a note and had Nathan to come and get it. I saw Nathan reading it then I saw Paul give a thumbs up and I knew something good was going to happen. So Paul said that he ask Nathan if he had a song to sign. Nathan signed "Amazing Grace My Chains Are Gone." Nathan did a very outstanding job and we all gave him a standing ovation and when he came off the stage he pointed up. It was so wonderful that Nathan didn't want any of the glory he wanted it to go to God.

Delmar Rogers preached last night and he talked about every time he sees the flag he gets chills up and down his spine. He said he didn't worship the symbol but it was a reminded of what people had to go through for freedom. He also stated every time he sees a cross no matter where it is at, he gets chills thinking about the cross. The title of his message was, why I love the cross.

He read from Galatians 6:14 and he said the word glory in the verse was a verb because it is an action word. He stated that glory was to rejoice. He said Paul didn't want people to look at him but to the cross.

Then he went on to ask the question, what's so special about the cross? He said every time he sees a cross he is reminded that the love of God is made known to us because of the cross (John 3:16). He read Romans 6:23...

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 6:23

The wages of sin is death but the gift is manifested because of the cross and the cross reminds us that God loves us and Jesus loves us. Also we are reconciled by the cross or protected by the cross (Romans 5:8 and 9). By the cross we are separated from the world. There is power through the cross. It is the cross that reminds us that God will supply our every need (Romans 8:31). God gave us His best (His son) and he can freely give us our needs. Their is no other remedy for sin but the cross (Acts 4:12 and Isaiah 53:4 and 5). The good news is that it didn't end at the cross because three days later Jesus Christ arose again.

During altar call there was again many that came. Tonight Brian Baer will be preaching. Paul asked if people would pray extra hard for the service tonight. There has been people coming every night that needs either to be saved or helped. I thought I would go ahead and mention this, I don't know when I'll be able to post about tonight. Tomorrow we have our Sunday School Rally and tomorrow night I'm going to stay with a friend. It may be Monday when I make my post. I'm looking forward to posting because I have pictures of all the Sunday School banners and I can't wait to share them.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Camp Meeting Day 4

All week I have went without mentioning the camp meeting choir that has been singing every night. They have been doing an awesome job. Last night The Libby Family sung a song with the choir, "Long As I Got King Jesus." I love the song. Camp meeting last night started with shouting. Then it sort of mellowed out but it was because the holy spirit was talking to people's hearts and people were going to the altar.

After most of the people that went to the altar was finished praying, they had a man come to the stage and he told the exciting news that his mother was saved. He said that he has been praying for years for his parents. He was also excited telling how his girls love coming to camp meeting. It was so wonderful to hear the good news. Paul was suppose to preach but he said the preaching didn't need to be done if people were coming and getting saved and receiving help. Usually every year we have a camp meeting service that they don't know what to do and last night was one of them. Paul said, "I don't know what to do, some body sing. When in doubt sing!" So they sung and that is how the night was finished and it ended with more shouting.

Tonight if the Lord permits, Delmar Rogers will be preaching. Looking for another exciting night. Also I have been meaning to mention this all week, but to the right on my side bar you can see my Twitter updates. I try to post a new update after service each night.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camp Meeting Day 3

Last night was another wonderful night at camp meeting. I haven't talked any this week about the young man by the name of Nathan that has been coming, I believe he was saved in February of this year. He is deaf and we've been to his church and watched him sign songs. Anyways each night when we sing along with the songs he signs them and they will usually have him come up on the stage and sign them. It is so awesome watching him and it is a blessing. Dave Libby had Nathan to come on the stage while he and his family sung. I love watching Nathan sign the song that they sung but don't ask the name of the song it is a newer song and I don't know the name.

Also besides The Libby Family singing we had the girls from Kentucky Mountain Bible College sing. Their group is called New Hope. They did a great job singing and the one girl had a great testimony of being down and frustrated here lately and she said she had a peace come over her and at that time is when her future husband said he had a urge to pray for her. Isn't it wonderful that God uses others.

Last night Brian Baer preached and he preached from Psalm 84 (the whole chapter). His main verse was verse 1. The theme is, "I love the church" and the scripture doesn't mean the church body (which we should love) but it means the tabernacle (or building). Brian said he wanted to go on the record and say that he loved the church. He said there is a place of security in the church and the security is found in verse 2 where it says "the living God." Praise the Lord we serve a living God. The church is a shelter for your family, a protecting shelter. There is pools of strength in the church (5-7). You have problems but there is strength for the problems. There is potential for service in the church (v. 10), your either living in the house of God or your living in the tents of wickedness. In verse 10 it says that they would rather be a doorkeeper and the meaning of doorkeeper is like a greeter at Wal-mart. There is perpetual supplication in the church (v. 11) and there is perfect solutions in the church (v. 12).

The message really wasn't for the lost but it was a call to the Christians. I know there were preachers that went and others who needed help. Tonight Paul Hagen will be preaching, The Libby Family will sing, and Remnant drama team will also be preforming. Looking for good things to happen.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camp Meeting Day 2

Last night Paul Hagen informed us there would be no more offerings to be taken during the week. The debt for camp meeting which was $8,795 was taken care of with an offering that was received Monday night of $8,900 and some dollars. Praise the Lord!

The Libby Family is singing every night of camp this year and last night was wonderful. They sung beautiful songs and many was praising the Lord. Delmar Rogers was suppose to preach but the holy spirit showed up and Paul Hagen had an altar call and people went. I went myself because I have been really frustrated lately and all I knew is I wanted to be able to enjoy camp meeting. I didn't know exactly where my friend Dawn was sitting but I turned around and there she was. She waved and I pointed to the altar and she went with me. There was also a young man that was saved.

After church we went to find a lady that goes to our church to give her some salmon patties that my mom made. My dad went to put our stuff in the car and my mom and I started going the other way. When I walked away from my dad I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and there was this guy standing there and he said do you remember me. I am terrible because I don't remember people very good especially if they change their looks. He told me his name and I got so excited that I hugged him. We had went to school together and he told me that he was saved at a church that my dad's cousin is the pastor of. It was so wonderful to see him and find out that he had gave his heart to the Lord.

Tonight Brian Baer will be preaching. I am so excited to hear Brian. It has been a couple of months since I've heard Brian preach and I'm looking forward to what Brian has up his sleeve. He always does something out of the ordinary. Some girls from Kentucky Mountain Bible College will also be there tonight to sing, this makes the third year they have been with us.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Camp Meeting Day 1

Last night started the beginning of another year of camp meeting. They had their ordination service and ordained one deacon (Phil Sanders from my church) and one preacher. After we had our singing and prayer, Paul Hagen stood and kept quoting something that Cal Ray Evans said last year. Then Paul told that the debt for camp meeting was 8,700 and some dollars he then told of some people that remained nameless that donated money here and there and that donated money equaled $3,500. Then he told some men to go get money. We haven't heard yet but they took the offering and tonight we will find out how much the offering was.

Paul Hagen preached last night and he had Opal Plumber to come sit up on the stage. He said that he was going to call Opal Grace and that later during his message Opal was going to help him preach. He said that Grace looks and calls for people to be saved. He read from Ephesians 2:8...

For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:

He kept making these statements, when grace met faith and grace is watching. He said that grace is found 170 times through the Bible from the Old Testament through the New Testament. Grace means favor, goodwill, and kindness. He said others might define grace as...

G = God's
R = Riches
A = At
C = Christ's
E = Expense

Also he said faith is found 200 times in the Bible and he read Romans 12:1-3. Grace is extended to everyone. Maze Jackson said that there is five ways that God speaks to man. The first way is the preaching of the word of God. The second way is the power of a guilty conscience. The third way is through the precious holy spirit. The fourth way is through praying for lost loved ones and the fifth way is through divine providence. Paul made this powerful statement that God uses grace to keep you out of hell. Then he went and got Opal and they walked around and Opal told of God's grace and how she has been saved for 74 years! It was really great to hear someone that has been on the way for a long time and that has lived through some terrible times but Opal praised God for everything and said that He had been so good to her.

During alter call there was a young man saved and many more lined the altar for help. Tonight brother Delmar (pronounced Delmer) Rogers will be preaching. I'm still praying that people will be blessed, helped, and that people will be saved at camp meeting.