Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Camp Meeting Day 2

Last night Paul Hagen informed us there would be no more offerings to be taken during the week. The debt for camp meeting which was $8,795 was taken care of with an offering that was received Monday night of $8,900 and some dollars. Praise the Lord!

The Libby Family is singing every night of camp this year and last night was wonderful. They sung beautiful songs and many was praising the Lord. Delmar Rogers was suppose to preach but the holy spirit showed up and Paul Hagen had an altar call and people went. I went myself because I have been really frustrated lately and all I knew is I wanted to be able to enjoy camp meeting. I didn't know exactly where my friend Dawn was sitting but I turned around and there she was. She waved and I pointed to the altar and she went with me. There was also a young man that was saved.

After church we went to find a lady that goes to our church to give her some salmon patties that my mom made. My dad went to put our stuff in the car and my mom and I started going the other way. When I walked away from my dad I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and there was this guy standing there and he said do you remember me. I am terrible because I don't remember people very good especially if they change their looks. He told me his name and I got so excited that I hugged him. We had went to school together and he told me that he was saved at a church that my dad's cousin is the pastor of. It was so wonderful to see him and find out that he had gave his heart to the Lord.

Tonight Brian Baer will be preaching. I am so excited to hear Brian. It has been a couple of months since I've heard Brian preach and I'm looking forward to what Brian has up his sleeve. He always does something out of the ordinary. Some girls from Kentucky Mountain Bible College will also be there tonight to sing, this makes the third year they have been with us.

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