Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where have I been?!?!

Well first I have to say it is good to be back even if I don't know what to blog about today. I haven't been on here for a month and it has been one crazy month. Not really a good crazy but more of a bad crazy with a mixture of good. I know, sort of confusing. I will say that God is good we had a really bad storm in the area and we didn't get hit hard like everyone else around us did.

Here is some of the things that have happened in the last month. On the 27th of June our church association had a parade called "Salute to God and Country" and my grandpa was one of the grand marshals. Really he did end up being the only grand marshal because the lady that was suppose to be the other grand marshal didn't show up. In the picture below is my grandpa testifying or preaching which ever you want to call it, but I say more preaching then testifying.

Also besides that parade our church has a 4th of July parade on the first Wednesday of July and they have hot dogs (YUCK!) afterwards for everyone who comes out. So the photos below are of the float that my church made. Two of the photos are from the "Salute to God and Country" parade and the other one is from the night that our church had their parade.

This might be my only post for this week but don't worry because our camp meeting is next week. I'll post every day telling how each night turns out. I'm praying that we have a wonderful time.