Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Wooooo! (I am not serious)

Sorry folks I have to nag a little. Nascar it has been exciting lately, NOT!!!!!! First thing I hate is the CoT (Car of Tomorrow), I mean the car is just weird looking. I think it is all about that stupid car having a wing on it. I don't know, it may be because I am not big on change. But I don't like it.

Then we have the Hendrick Boys, yeah can't stand them either. Out of 9 races, 7 of those have been won by a Hendrick driver. I may be losing it but I think Hendrick is paying someone off, but then again I think I am losing it. I do have to say that I think Jeff Gordon is brave for winning in the land of Dale. If I was him I think I would have let someone else win, I would be in fear for my life.

Why did we not end with a green/white checker finish?????

And last but not least, Nascar does not want fans to throw objects onto the race track. Why some people may ask? Well here is the answer from me. When I use to watch wrestling the fans would get upset and what would they do??? They would throw anything they could get their hands on into the ring. What did Tony compare Nascar too??? So Nascar fans don't throw stuff into the ring, oops I mean onto the track.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Dale!!!

Today if Dale Earnhardt was still living he would have been 56 years old. Today in 1951 one of the greatest Nascar drivers was born. Even when I didn't like Nascar if someone ask me my favorite driver I would say Dale Earnhardt. When I got into Nascar the first and only race that I watched of Dale racing was his last that he would ever race, because that day he was killed in a crash on the last lap. During the weeks after Dale's death, I watched everything about Nascar. When they had the memorial service and aired it on TV, I was thankful to have a day off from school to watch it.

You know I believe that if Dale had not died I would not be a Tony Stewart fan. Because Dale would still be around why pick someone else? But that second week I tuned in and seen a cocky driver who hit Jeff Gordon in the back end and I said that is my driver and that was Tony. So today on Dale's birthday I wanted to post a link to a tribute video about The Earnhardts. But it is mostly a tribute to Dale Earnhardt. We still miss you Dale! The Earnhardt Video