Friday, November 13, 2009

Humor For God

Sometimes I wonder if God gets a good laugh from us? I have two stories to hit home why I wonder this. One day when I was out with my friend and her littler girl, my friend asked her little girl to say prayer over the meal. Well she didn't want too. So my friend ask me. I started thanking God for the day and I was almost finished when I realized that I didn't thank God for the meal. So I said, "Thank you God for the hands that performed, I mean performed, per... thanks for the food." After I was finished I said prepared and I wondered why I couldn't say it while praying.

Then one night I was praying, thanking God for his blessings on my family and I. I try never to fail to mention the roof over my head and the food and clothes and shoes on our feet. Well this night I was sorta tired and I thanked God for the clothes, shoes and food on our feet. LOL! I hope I made God laugh at least I know I did.