Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Camp Meeting Day 3

Last night was another wonderful night at camp meeting. I haven't talked any this week about the young man by the name of Nathan that has been coming, I believe he was saved in February of this year. He is deaf and we've been to his church and watched him sign songs. Anyways each night when we sing along with the songs he signs them and they will usually have him come up on the stage and sign them. It is so awesome watching him and it is a blessing. Dave Libby had Nathan to come on the stage while he and his family sung. I love watching Nathan sign the song that they sung but don't ask the name of the song it is a newer song and I don't know the name.

Also besides The Libby Family singing we had the girls from Kentucky Mountain Bible College sing. Their group is called New Hope. They did a great job singing and the one girl had a great testimony of being down and frustrated here lately and she said she had a peace come over her and at that time is when her future husband said he had a urge to pray for her. Isn't it wonderful that God uses others.

Last night Brian Baer preached and he preached from Psalm 84 (the whole chapter). His main verse was verse 1. The theme is, "I love the church" and the scripture doesn't mean the church body (which we should love) but it means the tabernacle (or building). Brian said he wanted to go on the record and say that he loved the church. He said there is a place of security in the church and the security is found in verse 2 where it says "the living God." Praise the Lord we serve a living God. The church is a shelter for your family, a protecting shelter. There is pools of strength in the church (5-7). You have problems but there is strength for the problems. There is potential for service in the church (v. 10), your either living in the house of God or your living in the tents of wickedness. In verse 10 it says that they would rather be a doorkeeper and the meaning of doorkeeper is like a greeter at Wal-mart. There is perpetual supplication in the church (v. 11) and there is perfect solutions in the church (v. 12).

The message really wasn't for the lost but it was a call to the Christians. I know there were preachers that went and others who needed help. Tonight Paul Hagen will be preaching, The Libby Family will sing, and Remnant drama team will also be preforming. Looking for good things to happen.

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