Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Campmeeting Day 3

Tonight was a very good night, I really enjoyed myself. I had already sort of made plans with some friends to save me a seat on the front row. I have never been on the front row at campmeeting before. I don't know why I had never sit on the front row before. But all I know is I have missed a lot of stuff going on at the front of the church. To tell the truth there was a lot going on all around the church. It was just so exciting.

Brian preached tonight and he preached from Psalm 52 the whole Psalm. He talked about the green olive tree and he made four points. Those points are Forbearance of the olive tree. Foundation of the olive tree. Fruitfulness of the olive tree and Finality of the olive tree. The thing about the finality of the olive tree is the olive tree never dies. So their is no finality. So when David said he was like a green olive tree in the house of God, he was saying that he would never die. For the Christians today, we may die physically but we do not die spiritually. I love that point that Brian made.

At the end many went to the altar. OH, I almost forgot we had three ladies that came from Kentucky Mountain Bible College and sung for us. They did a great job. Well tomorrow (or tonight that is) Paul Hagen will preach again for us.


Racefan57 said...

happy to hear you're enjoying yourself

Marcy said...

Hey, girl! Just wanted to say I had a nice time visiting with you yesterday (and messing with Yahoo users' heads, LOL).

Glad you enjoyed camp meeting! Brian sounds like a great preacher. I love a preacher who uses illustrations and stories to solidify a point. It's less tedious and leaves a lasting impression.