Thursday, July 26, 2007

Campmeeting Day 5

Tonight was also another awesome night. Cal Ray preached about shouting. The title of his message was "Is Shouting in the Scriptures." He read from Psalm 47:1, Psalm 32:11, Psalm 35:27, and Isaiah 12:6 all these scriptures have something to do with shouting.

He gave five points about shouting they are, Shout without the clout. Shout that brings the rout. Shout without a doubt. The Shout that brought us out. And last but not least, The Shout that will take us out. During his second point he talked about Joshua and the children of Israel marching around Jericho and when he was talking about this, Brian stood up and started blowing a ram's horn. Then everyone started to Praise the Lord.

We then had different men carrying the Christian flag around. At one time some guys I know were running around the church carrying the Christian flag. It was so great. Then close to the end of church everyone was sticking around, so they did not know what to do because no one was leaving. So Cal Ray had this guy come up on the stage and Cal Ray, Brian Baer, Mike Blanton, and this other guy all started singing. They did a good job. I never knew Cal Ray could sing and he is a good singer also.

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