Monday, July 23, 2007

Campmeeting Day 1

Well our church campmeeting started last night (since it is after midnight). We live close so we just drive there. So anyways, I really enjoyed myself tonight. The singing was great, the preaching was great, it was all great.

Tonight our general superintendent Paul Hagen preached. I have always enjoyed hearing Paul preach. Tonight he read from Exodus 16:21. He did not read the whole scripture, he read only one line. He preached twenty minutes, but he told us he would preach longer on his second night.

The main part of the scripture he focused on was "And they gathered it every morning....." He said that God gave fresh bread daily to the children of Israel. But it was their job to gather it every day. So likewise it is our job to gather it daily also. For us Christians now, it means that if we want something fresh from God everyday we have to pray and read our Bible. Paul gave altar call and ask people if they felt like they were not doing things like they use to (reading their Bible, praying and attending church) that they needed to come to the altar and ask God to help them.

It was a nice service and I seen a lot of friends also. Tomorrow, or should I say tonight, Cal Ray Evans will be preaching. Then on Tuesday night Brian Baer will preach. During the day they have services at 10:00am and 2:00pm, with Paul Hagen, Cal Ray Evans and Brian Baer in a rotating schedule.

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