Friday, July 25, 2008

Camp Meeting Day 5

Tonight was Red, White, and Blue night. They had all the veterans to come to front of the church. They had one of the veterans to hold the American flag and they ask my friend Buck (my friend Dawn's dad) to say the pledge allegiance. Then we sung God Bless America and then we had another veteran lead prayer. We was also blessed to hear are missionary from Haiti sing. Brother Dieusse is always a blessing, a interesting fact about Bro. Dieusse that I just found out tonight is he can speak four languages. Paul joked with him and said that he couldn't speak Ohio Appalachian language. (I have a funny story about Bro. Dieusse that I will share another time.)

Calvin Ray Evans preached tonight from 1 Kings 18:4. He said that during the Bible times people would go to the caves because they were afraid. He stated that fear is faith in the enemy. He then read from Joshua 10:16-18, 22, 26 and 27. He talked about how Christian people run to caves to hid from the world and eventually the devil has them in a prison and then they spiritually die. He told us to come out of the caves. He had my pastor and his family to sing and people started praising the Lord and some people and families went to the altar to pray. Others were hugging people and two of the young girls from my church got the Not For Sale sign and started walking around the church. It was a great night. Close to the end we were standing around looking at one another trying to figure out what to do next. So Witness sung with honorary member Brian Baer. Then Brian played the piano and sung. When Brian sit down to play the piano, Cal Ray looked at him and said, "now your playing the piano." Brian can sing and play a lot of different instruments.

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Shonda said...

Sounds like a wonderful time in the presence of the Lord!
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