Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Camp Meeting Day 3

Tonight the choir sung and they started singing "We've Got The Power." Brother Paul Hagen started preaching and he told us that we have God's power and he told people that some people might need to come to the altar or hold hands and agree with one another that we had the power in the name of Jesus. The service really started out good. I love hearing Paul preach, he is one of my favorites. We had two girls from Kentucky Mountain Bible College sing. They did an awesome job. Witness of course did very well singing. When Witness sung they had a few more people go to the altar.

Brian Baer preached tonight. Before he started preaching he came off the stage and reached behind the small wall of the stage and picked up this big sign. He held it up and it said NOT FOR SALE! He set the sign up and went back on the stage, he preached from 1 Kings 21:1-4 about Ahab wanting Naboth's vineyard. He said that Naboth represents the child of God. Then he said that some preachers say that Ahab represents the devil, but he said that really Jezebel represents the devil. She was the one behind the scenes telling Ahab what to do. Jezebel was pulling Ahab's strings, just like how the devil uses someone to get us down. Brian told us that Ahab tempted Naboth three different ways to try and get Naboth to let him have his vineyard. First he said give it to me (v. 2). Second Ahab told Naboth that he would give him a better vineyard. Third Ahab said he would give him money for the vineyard.

After all this Naboth would not give his land away, he would not trade it or sale it. In Brian's own words he said he would not sale his inheritance, his home or his heart. Brian told of how are conference came about and how we should not sale out for what our founders worked so hard to build up. He said we need to take a stand and tell others that We Are Not For Sale! Naboth died because Jezebel had two false witnesses come against him, but all the way to his grave Naboth would not sale out. Brian told of how Jesus purchased our salvation and he made the statement, "how can the devil buy something that ain't for sale." He said if we are serious about our relationship with God then we can't sale out.

I'm going to say that I am not going to sale out. I'm NOT FOR SALE. I've had to many people invest their time into me, for me to be nothing for God and sit back and let the devil get his way. I want to live a good life and some people will say that I've been brainwash to want to live a moral life and maybe I have. But at least I know my mother didn't have to go get my dad because he was too drunk to get home. My dad never has tasted alcohol, he saw two drunks walking up the road one day and they kept falling down and he ask his mother what was wrong with them. She said, "that is what alcohol will do to you." He promised God then he would never taste it and the smell makes him sick. I went through a similar situation with an uncle and I made the same promise. If people would think about what it does to people and children and family and friends. It is terrible.

I made the statement a couple weeks ago teaching Sunday School, that there are no morals. And it is the truth. People who have morals are the bad guys now. There is this commercial on TV for an energy drink and it promotes having one night stands. When I saw it, it made me want to throw up. I won't be drinking that energy drink. So if you didn't get it before, I'M NOT FOR SALE!!!!!!!


Nina in Portugal said...

You go girl!!

Marcy said...

AMEN and AMEN! You stick to your beliefs and never let anyone convince you to sell out! I know you never would anyways.

It's not brainwashing, sweetie, it's training and teaching...and your mom and dad taught you the right way (God's way).

Kristi said...

AMEN, Starla! I'm not for sale...that's something EVERY Christian should be shouting from the rooftops. Sounds like another great sermon you heard. I'm glad you're sharing!