Sunday, July 20, 2008

Busy Weekends....

Well I never posted anything about my weekend (last weekend), so I decided to talk about it now. Last weekend was so busy. We went to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon. Then my friends and I left and we stopped by my friend's apartment to drop off her little girl's gifts. Then we left and went to our local dirt track. We had a fun time and I'm use to the races not being over until 1am or 2am, sometimes it lasts longer then that. But I was very surprised when all the races were done by 11:45pm!!! We even saw a race that they didn't get to finish from the week before. Then on Sunday morning I taught our Sunday School class. So last weekend was very busy.

Now that brings me to this weekend. We had a family reunion yesterday and came home about 3pm or so. My brother and his family hung out for awhile then they left. After they left I got ready to leave again. At about 5:30pm we left to pick up our friend, then we went to a church, they were having my favorite Christian singer Wade Spencer and a few others singing. We really enjoyed all the singing. I was so happy to hear Wade Spencer's sister Geniece Spencer Ingold (her, her husband, their daughter and their daughter's husband have a group called The Ingolds). Before Wade and his sister and their brother Kevin started their own Christian music careers, they sung with their parents. Geniece Spencer Ingold wrote one of my favorite songs called "In My Robe Of White." (Video below of Brian Free and Assurance singing In My Robe Of White.) It was so nice hearing Wade and his sister and her husband sing some of the songs that they sung when they were all the together as The Spencers.

OK I'm going to tell on myself. I didn't go to church this morning. They were having a breakfast then they were going to go down to the new church property and have church and they would be outside. That is two of my not so favorite things to do, have breakfast and be outside. Trust me I went to Cedar Point in June and got sick from being so hot. Can I get a AMEN from Marcy! I had told my mom and dad if they were not going to go to church anywhere else not even to wake me up. And they didn't!!! So I slept through Sunday morning services in my bed. I was not glorifying God either. I was glorifying self!!!! (That is a lot of people problems they think they our glorifying God when they are really glorifying their self. And I can say ouch to that.)

So now we go from busy weekends to a busy week. Tonight we start our camp meeting. I look forward to it every year. I'm going to try and post each night or early mornings what happens at our camp meeting. Pray that we will have a good meeting and that people will be saved and some people will accept calls on there lives and people will receive blessings.


Marcy said...

AMEN, cuz! You were practically wretching your guts up at Cedar Point.

I don't blame you for not wanting to be in the heat...I can't handle it either.

It's dad doesn't hardly ever complain about the weather, but the other day he mentioned that he wished autumn would hurry and get here.

Starla said...

Well I'm not much for liking summer, but at least I don't have cold feet during the summer. LOL!!!