Saturday, July 26, 2008

Camp Meeting Day 6

Tonight was special because Bro. Paul Hagen lead everyone in singing Higher Ground. I learn something new all the time, I didn't even know Paul could sing. Witness with honorary member Brian Baer sung one song together. I don't know if Brian had Witness to sing, "It's Amazing What A Prayer Can Do" or if they decided to sing it. Well lets just say God put the song on someones heart and it was great everything that happened. During the song we had miracles walking around the church. Little children and a family carrying their little baby (and I mean little, I saw the baby after church). A man from the church that my grandmother attended when she was living, walked around the church, he had prayed to God asking for 15 more years to live and he has been living now for 13 years. The man had heart surgery and as the song says its amazing what a prayer can do. There were other older folks that marched around the church and a mother and daughter walked around. I received the biggest blessing when a man carried a little baby upon the stage and handed the little baby to Scott Adams (one of the members of Witness). Scott said, "this is my miracle." It was so beautiful.

Brian Baer didn't give his scripture because I don't think he was really going to preach. He told us the title of his message was, Jesus Passed By! As only Brian can do he started telling us his message in story form. You would have to hear him to get the full affect. After he finished one of the missionaries from Mexico wanted all the preachers to gather and pray for Brian that God would take his sugar diabetes away from him before next camp meeting. They prayed for Brian and then they started praying for other people. I was standing at my seat and looked over the heads at one point and I do believe I saw two of the missionaries dancing. Someone got the Not For Sale sign and some of the preachers were holding it up together. Paul ask people who had cameras to come up on the stage and take pictures of it. So I had someone ask me to go and take a picture for them and when I was standing on the stage it was such a beautiful sight I saw. The whole week has been AWESOME!!!

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