Saturday, June 14, 2008


It is one of those days were it is sort of nice outside, but very hot inside. I wanted to play around on the computer but the heat is getting to me. (And my mom won't turn the air conditioner on.) I will probably retire from the computer and find a cool place to go to. We went earlier and watched my nephew in a karate demonstration and we stopped to get a couple of Hot and Ready pizzas on the way home. So now everyone is relaxing. I hope everyone has a nice weekend and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!!

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Marcy said...

I can sympathize with you. My computer is upstairs and it gets miserably hot because all we have is a window air conditioner downstairs.

I have avoided the computer quite a bit since the weather has been so hot. It hasn't been extremely bad the last few days because we've had fans in the upstairs' windows.

By the blog is back up!