Monday, June 9, 2008

You're Late!!!!!

Well Saturday was one crazy night. We had a graduation party to go to. The house is not very far from our home so we walked. When we started to pass one of our neighbors' house down the road from us, they said that they had an jail escapee. So we all walked down to the party together. We were there a little after 7:30 pm.

Then we found out more news about the so called escapee. First thing he was not an escapee but someone who had called and told someone else that he was coming to kill them. So that person called the police, then the so called escapee shot at the police and then barred himself in someones house, causing us in our small community to be sort of trapped in our community. They would not let no one leave or come in.

So while we were at the graduation party eating, the person who had graduated was not there. Her parents kept calling her, they had found out that she had went to a friends' house. Then she called them and told them how close she was, she could have easily got out of her car walked to her house. But the police would not let her, they actually told her that if she got out of her car they would shoot her.

For some odd reason we all thought this was so funny (not the part about the police going to shoot her if she got out of her car, just the part about her being late for her own party). The dad of the girl who graduated, actually starting joking with me saying if the armed criminal came to the party that he would introduce me to him. LOL!!! Everyone I know is trying to play match maker. Then everyone had ate, but they had not cut the cake so we had to wait. Finally the girl's dad said that if the armed guy showed up they would cut the cake. LOL!!!

Well the cake got cut before the girl showed up. I was getting cake for myself and my dad when everyone starting saying here she comes this was after 9:00 pm. When she walked over I looked at her and said, "You're late!!!!" She laughed and said that she couldn't help it. We told her that this would be something that she would never forget and I also told her to cut the newspaper clipping from the paper and put in her senior book. It was an experience, something we never have happen in our community. Wow, what a night!!!


Happymama said...

I read this earlier and got a little tickled myself, especially when you said y'all thought it was funny. But bless her heart.



Starla said...

I forgot to mention that no one was hurt.

michael said...

cute story Starla

Anonymous said...

I think our families were picked to have the strangest/craziest weekend where everything goes haywire. The luck of the Irish! LOL

Starla said...

LOL!!! :)