Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Give Me Jesus

Last night made only three times that I had heard this song, but I really enjoy it. Today I have listened to it two times. So now I've heard the song a number of 5 times. The first time I heard this song, my family and I were at our friend Mike Simpson's church and a little girl sung this song. Paul Hagen was preaching there and a teenage boy went to the altar to pray. Paul then had the girl to sing the song again. Then last night we were at my papaw's church and a middle age couple was singing and they sung this song. It is so beautiful. Even if it is a simple song it is so powerful, hope you enjoy!!


Shonda said...

Oh I can listen to it over and over again!
Blessings in Christ-

Kristi said...

Hi Startla...just stopped in to send you a hug. ((((HUG)))) :)

Also, that song, My God is Real, has always been one of my very favorites!!