Saturday, May 9, 2009

Book Review: Aristotle Owl and The Beckoning Bottoms

Last week I had stated in a post that I started to read this book called "Aristotle Owl and The Beckoning Bottoms." On Thursday I finished reading the book. This book was wrote by R. A. Arthur (Rick Arthur) and is a fiction/fantasy story and is 300 pages long. The book is about a boy genius Allen Nella II a.k.a. Aristotle Owl and his Christian family. (If you notice Allen Nella is a palindrome.) The book starts out with the introduction of the family and the family getting ready for a big adventure of sailing the seas. As the book goes on the family face tragic events, adventures, meeting new friends, and facing enemies. Some people that I have read reviews from have compared this book to the Harry Potter series, but instead of magic Aristotle Owl solves problems with inventions, common sense, and Christian values.

I really enjoyed this book. It is very adventurous and exciting. Sometimes I found myself wanting to cry and other times I wanted to shout and jump for joy. In the book young Aristotle Owl will think upon lessons that his dad taught him from the Bible to overcome situations. Another thing besides the good Christian values that I really enjoyed in the book was it didn't have bad language. I also like how the author made you feel like you were part of the book. Another good thing is you will learn many different words. Trust me, you might want to have a dictionary on hand. This book would be good for children 9 years old through 16 years old and for adults who enjoy a good fiction story also. You can buy this book on Amazon.

The only thing I didn't like about the book was some of the errors, but that is a given for any book out there. (Trust me the worse book I've read that had bad editing was Jeff Gordon's biography.) The author is thinking about writing at least four or five books in this series. So I'm really looking forward to reading more books about The Quin Frins (this is what Aristotle Owl and his friends call their group).

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Alive_But_Undead said...

I agree completely with this review! Rick is my uncle, and I have to say, the book was astonishing even as I read the rough draft. I cannot wait to see what more he has in store and if I found something out, I'll tell you guys! E-mail me at if you have questions. Thanks and God Bless!