Thursday, April 23, 2009

Upcoming Event: Spring Jubilee

Every year in May they always have the annual Spring Jubilee (scroll down to the May section) with wonderful preaching and singing. This year won't be any different. Spring Jubilee starts May 11-15. On Monday night they will have The McKameys singing. Tuesday night will be The Browders singing with Jacob Berry preaching, also this night is set aside for the youth and they have pizza after the service. I have never heard The Browders sing in person but I've seen them on TV the father (Tommy) of the group battled polio and now he is confined to a wheelchair. He sings that when he gets to heaven, "I'll be strollin' instead of rollin." Brother Jacob and Brother Tommy I know will probably have a good time together. Instead of running they might be wheeling around praising the Lord.

Wednesday, The Primitive Quartet will be there. Thursday, Ricky Atkinson & Compassion will sing. Friday night Mike Upright and Standing Tall will have a reunion and sing, they will also have a special presentation called "Show and Tell." The guide they sent out telling about Spring Jubilee says that Mike Upright and Standing Tall will only be making 10 appearances together this year, so this is really a special time to see them together. Below is some videos of some of the groups.

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Kristi said...

The McCamey's will be here in my little town this weekend. I planned on going, but then realized I'm directing a wedding in the mountains that weekend.
:( But that's ok...this is going to be a wedding I wouldn't want to miss. We didn't think "he" would ever get married. ROFL