Wednesday, April 29, 2009

LOL!!! (One of my favorite commercials.)

Well this may sound a little strange, but I wanted to thank God for not letting me catch myself on fire or my house on fire the other night. I was washing dishes and I was drying a cookie sheet, well sometimes cookie sheets still feel damp after you have dried all the water off of it. So I lay them on the burners of the stove and turn a really low fire on to dry them faster. Well I laid down the pan and turned the knob and fire shot out from under the pan. I mean it touched me and everything, but I wasn't burned any where on my body. It happened so fast I don't know if I would even thought about stop, drop, and roll.

Other news happening in my life. I went to the eye doctor in Columbus, Ohio on Monday to have the glaucoma pressure in my eyes checked. The doctor was pleased with the numbers. Also that day I finished reading "The Shack" which I was so glad to finish because that book is really out there. I'm use to reading strange Christian fiction books because I read Ted Dekker books, but that guy was totally different. After I finished that book I started reading "Aristotle Owl and the Beckoning Bottoms" (fiction/fantasy) this book is wrote by a local man here in our area. He is a preacher and he is a school teacher and the book came about because he was teaching writing skills and he came up with the character. Then after he wrote one chapter his class wanted him to write another and he ended up writing a book. I will write a review after I read it all. Also I will say one thing about the book, I've read words I've never heard of before and I've had to look them up to know what the meaning is. So I guess I'm learning.

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