Saturday, November 8, 2008

Then You Don't Know God's Love

There is one line in this song that says, "if you think a promise is something that you can't trust, then you don't know God's love." I am very glad to say that I know God's love and he never makes a promise that he won't keep. Sometimes when people start to make promises to me, I will let them go into one ear and out the other. That is so awful to say, but when some people keep making promises and they don't keep them, then you begin to lose trust in them. God is so much different from people, even if God lets something happen, he has a bigger plan. Us as people can only see the small picture, we can't see what God has for us in the future. That is one reason why you should keep trusting God and don't listen to the devil because he will tell you lies and try to get you to turn your back on God. I hope you enjoy this song from The Dove Brothers.

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