Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas Came Early!!!!

My grandpa gave my dad and mom our Christmas money. So my mom ask me if I wanted a Thompson Chain-Reference Bible and I told her I did. Well I was talking to my friend Kenny one night after church and I said I was going to get the cheapest one that CBD had. My mom told me to pick the one that I wanted and she would use some of her and my dad's Christmas money from my grandpa to make up the difference.

Today my Thompson arrived. We didn't know this, but it is actually the Centennial Edition. It is also large print, but Thompson large print doesn't mean large print. But that's OK, I have a magnifying bookmark that I will use for it. It's really a nice Bible, I am hoping that I'll have my name engraved on it soon. It just makes it more official.

Oh by the way, my mom actually ask me if I wanted it now or for Christmas. I said, "I want it now." She laughed and said that she knew I would say that.


Tori said...

Those are really neat Bibles, so informative. TC was the first Bible my husband had in Bible college 15 years ago. When it wore out he bought another.


Starla said...

Thanks Tori, I'm sure I will enjoy it. I love reading the Bible and studying.