Monday, March 19, 2007

So Did He Cheat?!?

I did not get to watch the race today, because I spent the day with some friends. I did get to watch maybe half an hour of the race. I will say that I am rather happy on how Tony did finish. But what I understand and seen, Tony could have came home with the win.

When I came to church my dad told me (actually my uncle Steve told me) that Jimmie Johnson won the race and Tony got 2ND. I was a little upset, because I can't stand Johnson, but as I said before I was happy that Tony got 2ND. Then my dad said "Jimmie cheated!" I was like, whoa wait a sec, so my dad told me everything.

So when we get home and the news comes on, my mom says, "you have to watch the sports report." OK, now the whole family is defending Tony. So I watch the clip and Tony was forced into the wall, but the thing is I did not watch the race. So I did not get different angles of what happened. So this leaves me with the question, did he cheat?? What do you all think?? And if you do think he cheated should we warn Jimmie Johnson that my dad might be coming after him, lol, j/k.

But before I end this one, what does it say on the back of Jimmie's bumper? And what was the name of the race? Could this be a Nascar scandal.


racefan57 said...

nah... jimmie did not cheat...that's just racin!! he blocked Tony and FYI...we too are big Tony fans here and he ran a good race.

Jon w/no H said...

while i can't blame Jimmy for forcing Tony up the track to upset that 20 car, i find it interesting that when Jimmy Johnson's major sponsors also are the race's major sponsor he almost always wins...