Saturday, March 17, 2007

Good Day!!!!!!!

I just wanted to post a little blog to let everyone know how my day went. Even if it started out sort of bad it ended up being a good day. First I do have to tell you what happened to me this morning. I received a phone call from the daughter of the lady I stay with, asking me if I could start coming earlier. So normally I would give in and say yes, but I told her I had to think about it. Well me being a person who worries and can't say no to the people I work for, this really started to bother me. So I came home and told my mom and the more I talked the more angrier I got. So I looked right at my mom and I said "well I am gonna say no!" Whoa, is this me talking? So friends I don't know what might happen but I might lose my job, so, well, um I will leave it at that.

Now for the rest of the day. I went to my first St. Patrick's Day parade and I had a good time. It was actually the first time the town had a St. Patrick's Day parade, so it might not have been the best, but it was OK. I think the best time was spending time with my mom and dad and my brother and his family. Also just to let you all know that I had lots of people staring at me, I think they thought I should have been in the parade. I love St. Patrick's Day and guess what, I am already getting ready for next year. We went shopping after my brother and his family left my house and while I was at Walmart I got three Irish Cd's in a tin box. I LOVE BEING IRISH!

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Jon w/no H said...

Cuz, i am proud that you celebrated one of the only holidays dedicated to people of our heritage! The African American's have a whole freakin' month and if someone tried to start hard workin', blue collar, white folks month there would be racial uproar in the universe. So let's take our day, March 17, and enjoy the heck out of it, because if the pagans and liberals only realized that St. Patrick's Day celebrates hard workin', blue collar, white Irish heritage and remembers a guy who was a Jesus loving, gospel preaching missionary to the lost they would probably take this away too...

btw, i have a blogger :)