Friday, March 23, 2007

So today I am reading some of the blogs, that I like reading. I read this one about Tyler Walker posted by Nascar Eclectic. Anyways he has a picture over there of this Tyler Walker, nothing really amazed me about the guy (because I only like the Nextel Cup). The one thing that I noticed was some of the logos on his drivers suit. One logo stuck out like a sore thumb and that was the WWE symbol. Now I know that WWE did have some wrestlers who were associated with Nascar, but I did not know they were sponsoring a driver. This just shows me Vince McMahon has to have a part with anything and everything.

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Racefan57 said...

I made a mistake so I deleted the last comment...

Wow..very observent..WWE.
Thanks for the comment and the perk.

Have a great weekend!!