Friday, January 7, 2011

One (Honda) Accord

This was a conversation that me and my friend were having the other day. The statement came up that we needed to get in one Honda accord and that they were willing but was everyone else willing. And they proceed to say they haven't saw people that willing since Acts. I know you are wondering what we were talking about. Well we can have a serious conversation and still add a little humor.

All through the book of Acts there are two words that stand out and those two words are "ONE ACCORD." The thing with today, it seems the church doesn't want that, but we NEED that. To be in "ONE ACCORD" with one another.

I've made up my mind that no matter what others do though, I want to be in "ONE ACCORD" with God. I want Him to make me different and maybe someone will say, "I want that." And just maybe we will slowly get to the point of "ONE ACCORD" again.

Just some thoughts running through my head.

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