Monday, July 27, 2009

Camp Meeting Day 6 and Sunday School Rally

Friday night was the last night of camp meeting 2009 and God moved upon hearts again that night. People were going to the altar during the singing and when it was time for Brian to preach, he said he was going to sing. He sung "God's Been Good." Brian said that he has always wanted to described God's goodness but he never has been able too. So he said he would sing the song to tell people how good God's been to him and his family. He sung it once then he sung it again. The altars were lined. After the altar call they had some different people sing and they ended with all the groups from each service (10am, 2pm, and 7pm) to come to the stage and sing together. We are so blessed to have had an AWESOME camp meeting and I believe this is the first year that we have only had preaching for three nights in the evening and three nights we didn't have preaching. The holy spirit just simply moved upon people.

Saturday we had our Sunday School Rally they ended up having 14 churches that had banners. Each church will usually have a skit or song. It is so wonderful seeing what each church does. As promised here is photos of each banner and the name of each church that made the banner. For next couple of weeks I'll tell about each banner and post a bigger photo.

Camp Bennett CBC
Sandhill CBC
Bonser Run CBC
John's Run
Jeanettes Creek CBC
Logan CBC
Highland Bend CBC
Reedville CBC
North Moreland CBC
Hayport Road CBC
Russell CBC
Columbus First CBC
7th Street CBC
Vanceburg CBC

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