Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring Jubilee Day 3

Last night started with pouring down rain. We arrived a little after six and my dad and I went to visit with our friend Bud Mefford. I had a gift I wanted to give to him (Twizzlers Black Licorice). When I handed it to him he screamed out, "my favorite." His wife doesn't like them and doesn't really like for him to eat them so I told him to hide them, lol. After this we (my mom, Pat, MaryAnn, and myself) went to the building next door to look at the different tables set up. While we were there we talked with Jacob Berry's dad and sometime during this time period it started to pour the rain. I elected myself to go out in the rain to get umbrellas.

The Spring Jubilee choir sung again last night. We know one song they sung was "He Set Me Free" but we can't remember the other song and Brian Baer didn't send out a e-mail about the service. There was 1575 people in attendance and 2 souls were saved last night. The Primitives sung and after they sung Calvin Ray Evans stood and ask everyone if we trusted him and he said he was going to do something different. He had a group called The Joyful Three to come and sing a song for The Primitives. I was so proud of them, I've know them for a while. They are not a big name group but they really sing for the Lord. I think the whole crowd enjoyed it. The people in front of us were asking us who they were. Also I almost forgot that The Primitives let Brian Baer play guitar with them when they played while the ushers took the offering up.

Calvin Ray Evans preached last night from Hebrews 6:13-20. He preached that God has not changed his mind, it still takes the blood to be saved! Salvation is based off a covenant, but not a covenant on you. We are the beneficiaries. We benefit from the covenant and we didn't even have to be there when Jesus died.

Tonight Brian Baer will preach, unless the Holy Spirit moves and that will be fine with all of us. Ricky Atkinson & Compassion will sing. Tonight they we be honoring the veterans and taking up canned food for needy veterans.

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