Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kid Humor...

Kids are so funny. Whether it is something they do or say. I was just thinking about my adopted niece Olivia, for 5 years old she is very smart and most of the time I think, is she really only 5 years old. She is also funny. One night I was babysitting her and we were playing Wii (which she usually beats me at), I some how pulled off a win. Olivia's Wii character also known as a Mii became all sad looking. Olivia then points at the screen and says, "look what you done to this 5 year old kid!" LOL!!!! Then she beat me at a game, so I turned the tables on her and said, "look what you done to this 26 year old kid!"

I was also thinking how funny I was as a little kid. When I was younger I knew everyone had a first name, middle name, and last name. I also knew that some people don't always have middle names, like my uncles Glen and Steve. So every time I would hear people say Jesus Christ, I would think that Jesus didn't have a middle name and his first name was Jesus and his last name was Christ. Also his parents' names were Joseph and Mary Christ. LOL!!! I know I was crazy. Anyways the reason why I was posting on kids is I was humming a children's song yesterday. Here is the video to one of my favorite songs when I was a kid.


Marcy said...

We should all be kids at heart, no matter how old we are!

I love that mom used to sing that song to Kiersten a lot when she was little.

Kristi said...

Ha haaaaaa! That story of you think Mary and Joseph's last name was Christ is totally cracking me up!!!