Friday, December 19, 2008

The 19th Day of the 25 Days of Christmas

Would you believe me if I said a Christmas song came about because of the poem, "Twas The Night Before Christmas?" Clement Clarke Moore was the writer of the poem and he was a son of an Episcopalian bishop. Moore heard that the Episcopalians was wanting to build a seminary so he gave a portion of his land so they could build the school. They built General Theological Seminary on the portion of land that Moore gave to them. Moore also became one of the school's first professors, teaching biblical languages.

Years later John H. Hopkins Jr. enrolled into the seminary. He had been admitted into the University of Vermont pursuing legal studies before moving to New York. He had fell in love with the Lord's work. He graduated in 1850 and in 1855 he became the school's first instructor of church music. Two years later in 1857 Hopkins wrote "We Three Kings" for a Christmas pageant produced by General Theological Seminary.

I can't keep from thinking what if Clement Clarke Moore hadn't wrote that poem which made him famous. Maybe he would not have gave part of his land to the Episcopalians, his life might have been totally different. And we might have never had this wonderful Christmas song.

When I went to the free Christmas concert, their was a group that sung a song that I had never heard of. It was so beautiful. It said this...

"One king held frankincense. One king held myrrh. One king held the purest gold. One King held the hope of the world!" And I thank God for the King that held the hope of the world.

This is another one of my favorite quotes around Christmas time. "Wisemen Still Seek Him!"

Remember Jesus is the Reason for the Season!

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