Saturday, November 15, 2008

What Sin?

I forgot to mention this the last time I posted, but it was my 200 blog entry. Yay me, LOL!!! I've only heard this song one other time and I decided to look it up on YouTube and they had some videos for the song. It is a really beautiful song.

Last Sunday night I went and heard Wade Spencer sing. I really enjoyed myself and I also bought his newest CD. It is awesome. I love Wade's version of "Too Many Times" wrote by Ronny Hinson. I also had my dad to take a picture of me, Wade, and his wife Theresa. It was a great night.

Last night I went with my friend Dawn and her mom, dad, and grandma to hear Brian Baer preach. Also Mike Blanton & Evidence sung and we had a wonderful time. Mike Blanton & Evidence has a very special ministry, because they give CDs away. Please pray that God will supply the money that they need and that they will be blessed and see many souls saved. After church we went out and ate with the most crazy people in the world!!! Some people think Christians are boring, well those people are wrong, because last night was far from being boring. And I found out that I am rather normal, lol.

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Marcy said...

200 blog posts???!!! Now, I really feel like a bad blogger! LOL