Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Jesus Has A Rocking Chair

Yesterday would have been my niece's 11th birthday, if she hadn't passed away. You know some people would think I was crazy for saying this, but I believe everything happens for a reason. At the time I couldn't see the big picture and I grew very bitter with God. Now I understand why God let this happen, my niece's mother is addicted to drug and her parents (my niece's grandparents) were arrested a couple of months ago because of drugs. I didn't understand why God would let a baby die, but now I see he was protecting her. Who knows what kind of life my niece might have had? Only God knows. One night when my dad was either going or coming home from work, he was needing some peace about the whole situation and this song came on the radio. He has always said God did that for him. I hope you enjoy this video, Jesus Has A Rocking Chair.


Kristi said...

That was beautiful.


Marcy said...

Aren't you so thankful that He was there to welcome SueAnn and rock her? She is definitely better off than we are...and one day soon you will praising the King of Kings with her. Woohoo!