Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Last Tuesday morning I got up to watch The 700 Club. The 700 Club was having these people that I have been in a few church services with, on there talking about their daughter who was diagnosed with grandma seizures when she was younger. She started having seizures every 6 seconds (I believe that is what I had heard her mother say once). They talked about how God healed her and God not only healed the daughter but God healed her mother and her grandmother (because they had grandma seizures too). Here is the link so you can watch it, Click Here! Go to about the 23 minute marker and it will be about there or so.

So anyways now to the story about Georgia. They started the 700 Club show talking about Georgia. Well the news is something I don't watch, because if I watched it I would get so down. (So I don't watch the news.) They were telling about Georgia being bombed and questions started filling my mind. When did this happen? Why is Russia involved? WHY DID THE UNITED STATES LET THIS HAPPEN? LOL!!! Then it hit me, Georgia was a country close to Russia that use to be part of Russia. It wasn't the state of Georgia. I guess that is what I get for not watching the news.

Please remember the people of Georgia in your prayers.

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Marcy said...

Saakashvili the Tie-eater would be ashamed of you! LOL j/k