Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cardboard Testimonies!!!!!

The other day me and some other people were talking about our Sunday School Rally that we had. We talked about are favorite skits. Someone told me that one of the churches had got there skit from YouTube but they had used a different song. North Moreland Christian Baptist was that church and they had used the song "There is a Remedy." (You can read about the skit here.) Well they told me that the name of the video on YouTube was "Cardboard Testimonies." I decided to share the video with you all. Hope you enjoy!!!

I was thinking about what I could put on a piece of cardboard for my testimony and here is what I would write. "Eye doctor said I would never see." Turn cardboard over, "But I love reading the Bible for myself." It is truly amazing what prayer can do and how much God does love us. So what would be your cardboard testimony???

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Marcy said...

Great video, Starla! I think my cardboard testimony would simply be:

Side one: "I once was lost."
Side two: "But, Jesus found me!"