Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Benoit Family

I was not planning on blogging about wrestling for awhile after last month doing so many blogs about wrestlers who have passed away. But last night when I received a terrible phone call from my cousin, I have to blog about wrestling. When my cousin called he told me that Chris Benoit and his wife Nancy and their 7 year old son Daniel were found dead. To tell you the truth I think I may have been in some form of shock, because all I could say was, "I don't know what to say, I'm speechless." I am not sure but I think I repeated myself at least three times.

Chris Benoit was one of my favorite wrestlers, when I watched wrestling. I love almost every Canadian wrestler and Benoit was one. In fact I told my cousin this morning that I would list him as one of my top three favorite Canadian wrestlers. Also he was in The Four Horsemen with Ric Flair and I have always liked Ric Flair. Benoit's wife Nancy also use to be in wrestling as a manager, I knew her as Woman, then I knew her as Chris Benoit's wife.

Now I have to be honest with you all. This morning I read on the Internet then I heard it on TV that this situation is being ruled as a murder-suicide. They are saying that Chris Benoit murder his wife and son sometime during the weekend and then committed suicide sometime Monday. Then the bodies of himself, his wife and his son were found by police on Monday afternoon. I know most of you reading this is thinking that he is a bad man. Of course it is very very wrong what he did, but I can't be his judge. God will be the judge over Chris Benoit. I will say that I believe he had some kind of demon in him. I watched wrestling last night and they showed a video of him with his wife and son, and I could see how much he loved his family especially his little boy.

So now as I write this blog with so many mixed emotions flooding my mind. I want to have good thoughts and those good thoughts are of watching Benoit wrestler. So I am going to try to keep everyone updated and I don't know when I will have it done, but I want to make a tribute video of Benoit. But the most important part is to remember Benoit's family in your thoughts and prayers (especially his two children from a previous marriage). Also remember Nancy's family in your thoughts and prayers.

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Racefan57 said...

another shocking story that the media hypes up. Benoit certainly was mentally ill, but the tragedy from this is absolutely awful and more of the reasons why he snapped are sure to emerge. I appreciate your non-judgemental approach to this, but I'm certain the majority thinks in stereotypical terms and he will be badgered and labeled a murderer