Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Stanley Cup and Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Well the other day my mom read a story from one of the local newspapers. It said that hockey fans around this area (the area I live close to) might want to start rooting for the Atlanta Thrashers to win the Stanley Cup. Because if they win the Cup, then the Thrasher strength and conditioning coach Ray Bear would like to bring the Cup to this area. When the Stanley Cup is won, each member of the team gets to keep the trophy for the day. So I think it would be cool if it would get to come to a small Ohio town.

For me personally though, I am a big Toronto Maple Leafs fan and I always have been, since I got into hockey. I sort of think it is odd, but sometimes I think I was born in the wrong territory. I mean I love hockey and another one of my favorite sports is curling. I was upset this January because we did not get to watch curling on TV like we did last year, because of the Olympics. To bad the Winter Olympics couldn't be every year, but that is just my opinion.

OK folks, on now to chocolate Easter bunnies. That is one of my favorite Easter sweets that I love. But the funniest thing is, that I am not much of a fan of chocolate. I like it, but then I don't like it. But I really wanted a hollow chocolate Easter Bunny, so my mom got me two of them. Well I told my mom that the bunny looked evil, I don't know it just looked weird. My mom told me it was not evil, but why in the world would I still be afraid of the bunny when I was eating it? I seriously felt more comfortable after I ate the eyes of that bunny. I mean that bunny's eyes were strange looking. I know I sound crazy, but it did look scary. And I still have one more to eat.

Well Nascar Nextel Cup was off a week, so we have the Texas race coming up. I do have to say that I'm not to fond of Texas and of any other big speedways, besides Daytona. I am more of a short track kind of girl. All I have to say is, if Jimmie Johnson doesn't win this week then I will be very happy.


Racefan57 said...

I am a chocoholic!! and anyone!! but J.J.

Julie's Jewels said...

I saw your comment over at The Good Reporters blog site. I just wanted to let you know that I have a blog and I only use the KJB. It is the only Bible in my opinion. I don't use other perversions and don't like to read sites that use them...although I do have some friends that I do read theirs. I have my reasons for that though. Anyway....I have dedicated my site to the Lord and try to only put up posts that honor and glorify Him. They are mostly devotions that God gives me in my personal time with Him in His Word or through preaching that I hear. Feel free to come over and check out my blog. I pray you'll get a blessing there. I'll come back to yours as well. God bless.

Marcy said...

We don't need a local team because they could never be better than my Red Wings! LOL