Wednesday, April 11, 2007

14 Years...

Fourteen years ago I was 10 years old, and I did not know much of what was going on in the world around me. But today as I was walking into the kitchen, I heard the man on the radio say something about this date and some unhappy memories swept over me. Fourteen years ago today the Lucasville Prison Riot started that lasted from April the 11th to April the 21st.

My Dad worked for a local radio station and my Dad helped set up equipment to broadcast from the prison. My Dad spent many long days out in front of that prison and we spent our time at the station. Of course me being a kid, we (me and the daughter of one of my Dad's co-workers) ran and played at the radio station like it was one big play ground. In my mind I did not understand what was going, I did not know what a prison riot was.

Now I understand more since I have gotten older. The riot started all because some of the prisoners did not want to take their tuberculosis vaccinations and they all went insane. The riot broke out in the L-Block of the prison. My Dad told me that they had secretly went underground and placed mics to hear what was going on inside. This way the authorities could listen in and find out who the ringleaders were. One night when my Dad was at the station CBS called and needed a recording of prisoner George Skatzes making the demands. So they ask if my Dad could transmit it to them and they played it on the nightly news.

On April the 15Th, Correctional Officer Robert "Bob" Vallandingham was strangled to death. This was done to convince state officials to take the prisoners' demands seriously. Nine inmates lost their lives also. Thirteen correctional officers were held hostage. Five of the correctional officers were held the entire time of the siege. Finally the day of my brother's birthday, April the 21st the siege ended. Looking back now it was a terrible thing that happened and my heart goes out to Bob Vallandingham's wife and family. The worst part is the riot started on Easter Sunday and I know Vallandingham's wife feels that special love of her life missing every Easter.


Racefan57 said...

I remember it well

Julie's Jewels said...

I don't remember this that you speak of. But that doesn't surprise me though....I have a bad memory. And it is getting worse the older I get :(

Happymama said...

We were living in Germany when this happened so I don't remember it. But what a sad story!

Thanks for leaving a comment at Thimble Thoughts. How did you find it?


Roderick Robinson,Sr. said...


Blaming the Muslims for the lucasville riot
Additionally,another staff member confided in me.The Lucasville riot circa 1963, was initiated by staff, who had been stealing money,property, jewelry, etc. from inmates. ( I believe this by reason I personally eye witnessed administrative staff being arrested on similar charges during my stay at S.O.C.F.) And to cover for these actions,staff members involved the Muslims so they would appear to be the perpetrators. Moreover, this same staff member recounted eye witnessing administrative staff dumping files, documents, on fires they themselves started. resulting in the loss of lives, not to mentions the millions it cost tax payers to secure a place that had already met that requirement, And it would have taken less than a few hundred to rid of shady employees. You do the math, and ponder what will these individuals will do next, start murdering in the streets? Who's next?
Why hasn't someone asked me who this staff member is, so as to prompt an investigation? One good reason, these putative "law abiding citizens," don't want you the public to see under their fleece, while they fleece.

Preferred email: the mitigating circumstances will prove my innocence and show how prison staff, repeatedly attempted to murder me, to cover this up. Plus evidence to show how prison staff murdered others. I have the names of eyewitnesses. Also in my AOL journal site see archive post 11/12/05. certification receipts, to president Bush, FBI, Former Ohio Gov.Bob Taft. et, al. Notwithstanding a prison staff member stated in 1998 Marion C.I. Marion Ohio. "I KNOW FOR A FACT, PRISON STAFF ARE MURDERING INMATES." None have acted on attempts at/ Or, Americans being murdered BY PRISON STAFF ! However, Ohio State Rep 2004. Joseph Koziuras secretaries, alleges Koziura sent this evidence to the Feds. in Washington, D. C. to no avail to date Dec. 2006.
Roderick Robinson

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Cell Ph: 440-949-0321

Starla said...

OK there has been some controversy on the Lucasville Riot. Especially around our area, and I have read lately that the prisoners' are not the one that killed Vallandingham. You know I don't know myself who did it. I ask my dad the other day who did it and he had heard a couple different people. All I can say, is God knows and if the wrong man or men were blamed. Then God will one day judge the man who really killed Robert Vallandingham.

Jungle Mom said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I found this interesting as well. Living here in Venezuela, I did not hear of this at all.

Yesterday was a sad day for us here as it was the 5th anniversary of the failed coup to oust Chavez and many Venezuelans died that day. It just makes one saddened when these things roll around.