Thursday, February 22, 2007

What is Hogan thinking?

Last night I watched "Hogan Knows Best" on VH1. Well in the episode the discussion comes up about Vince McMahon wanting to offer Hulk Hogan a 20 year contract. Well Hulk Hogan can I say two words "Survivor Series!" I mean this is not the first time that McMahon has offered a 20 year contract. He offered Bret Hart one, back in 1997 and he totally stabbed Hart in the back with the pen that Bret signed the contract with. So remember this Hulk, when Vince is whispering sweet nothings into your ear, he might be raising the pen to stab you in the back!


Anonymous said...

I think Hogan's blowing smoke. Did you hear about what he did? He ticked Vince off.

He went on a radio show, half drunk mind you, and Vince's secretary called him to get his opinions on the Hall of Fame nominees. Well, Hogan put her on air where everyone could hear the nominees.

Vince was not happy! LOL

He pulled Hogan from Wrestlemania this year and since then, Hogan has been trashing Vince and hyping TNA. He and Vince both need to wear diapers, because they're big babies. I don't like either one of them. LOL

While on the subject of did know that Bam Bam Bigelow and Mike Awesome died didn't you? Bam Bam died in January, from what is believed to be an infection and complications from diabetes. Mike Awesome committed suicide last Saturday.

Starla said...

I knew that both had passed away, but did not know Mike Awesome committed suicide.