Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Doritos/Pug Commercial!!!

I love pugs! My Gizmo was suppose to be a pug but he isn't. That's OK we still love him though.

Doritos/Pug Commercial


Kristi said...

What is Gizmo?


Barb said...

Your Gizmo looks a little like our son's Poppy; she's a pug/rat terrier mix and as hyper as can be! :-)
I have a blog (A Blub from Barb)which might be an encouragemet to you. It is more like a devotional with plenty of scripture to mull over. I will send you an invitation and you can decide if you want to follow or not. How's it going in the forgiveness department?

Starla said...

Gizmo is part pug.

Barb said...


If you want to follow/read my blog I would need your email address. Continuing in prayer for you,

PS I knew there was something vaguely familiar about Gizmo.