Tuesday, August 25, 2009

How is your heart? OH BATMAN!

I know, funny title. For those of you who might have noticed my Twitter post (to the right) the other day, I will explain. I've been going to North Moreland CBC (Paul Hagen's church) with my friend. I really love it there but anyways back to the story. I've heard and read many stories about the bat/bats flying around at North Moreland. I myself have never been there when it happened until the other day.

Paul started preaching and the main point of his message was how we would describe our heart and how others would describe it. I was really into the message taking notes then I heard Paul say "there's a bat." But he kept going not even caring. Well of course after the bat is flying around for a little while people are not going to pay attention so he started to crack jokes about the bat. Saying the bat wasn't God's will and it was the devil and he was talking about treasure. And there is four things that makes a item a treasure and they are rarity, duration, utility, and appreciation.

He said the bat wasn't rare. He said the bat didn't have utility and if they caught it then it didn't have duration and we didn't appreciate it. Our Sunday school teacher Greg kept trying to catch it with a net but couldn't get it. Then Greg thought they maybe could guide it out the door. So he went and gave the net to Paul's son-in-law Jeremy and Greg went and opened the side door. Well Jeremy went on the stage where the bat was and ended up catching the bat in the net. So I survived my first time being in the church with a flying bat.

Now back to the heart. Paul asked if your heart was hardened, a forgiving heart, a pure heart and some others things your heart could be. So how is your heart? When I look at my own heart I find things I don't like and I can't mend my heart only God can!

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