Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hayport Road's Sunday School Banner

Hayport Road was another church that I really loved their skit. They had some church members sitting around having a Bible study. And they started to pray and this guy dressed like the devil or a demon (he was in a black robe and had a hood on) was walking around them. He started talking to people one at a time trying to get them to give up or not do things that God called them to do. After this the person would scream really loud, "I'm in the Lord's Army, pass the ammo." The ammo was a Bible. At the end of the skit a woman started to walk away but she ran back to the Bible study group and screamed, "I'm in the Lord's Army, pass the ammo." It was a really great skit.

Also a young man from their church was called to be a missionary. He said he didn't know where God wanted him to go but he would go where God told him. This was exciting news to me though because we have missionaries in other countries but they are people from that country that we support. So for us to have someone called to the mission field is really wonderful, it has been a while since we had someone from the States in our association called.

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Susan said...

Ive really enjoyed the banners. People can be so creative!!