Thursday, February 12, 2009

Friends (who are like family) and Family!!!

A friend loveth at all times... Proverbs 17:17

Yesterday we had thunderstorms and really bad winds. Well our electric went out and I wasn't getting a very good signal on my cellphone at our house and my niece was text messaging me like crazy asking about tornado warnings. My dad had a signal on his cell out on our porch, so I sent my niece a message off his phone. My mom needed to pick some items up from the store, so we left a little earlier to go to the store then we were headed to church. (Note: The storm was over, but the wind was still blowing.)

As soon as we hit the highway my cellphone and my dad's cellphone started to go off. My dad gave me his phone to send text messages to my niece. I took his phone, then looked at my phone. I had a text message from my cousin Marcy asking how we were doing. She said that they had trees that had fell down around their house. After texting my niece a bunch of times I finally was able to send Marcy a text to let her know we were OK and didn't have electric. We went to one store then on our way to the other store my phone starts ringing. It was my friend Trish (who is like a sister to me) she said that her mom wanted her to get a hold of us and let us know that they had cancelled church.

I was a little upset and I told Trish that I wanted to go to church because they had electric. Trish told me that we could come to her apartment but she didn't have cable, but we could play Wii. Trish must have been on her land line with her mom because then she said that her mom said we could come to her house. After we went to the store we decided to go to Trish's mom's house. So we hung out there until 9pm and watched TV and had cherry pie!!!!

Every night when I thank God for all my blessings I always remember to thank him for my friends who are like family and for my family members. Thanks to Marcy for checking to see if we were OK. For a little humor about the whole situation, me and my dog slept in our living last night because he is afraid of the dark. Then when the electric came back on about 4:30am, I sent him out to go bathroom and put him in the bathroom where he sleeps. Then I decided since I missed reading my Bible and devotional for yesterday, well just say I was reading it between 4:45am to 5:30am.


Marcy said...

Dad had just told me the other day that if the wind gets strong enough, those trees might fall. He was worried that they would fall on our house or the house next door.

He said that he prayed that God would make them fall to where they would not hurt anyone. Praise God, they didn't hit a single thing (except the ground)! The Lord is so good!

Thank God for the cellphone...LOL. I was worried about you guys.

Nina in Portugal said...

Isn't God good like that?!?

Glad you are Okay.