Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fairness Doctrine

I received an e-mail about this the other night. I didn't know whether to believe it or not. So I just left it in my inbox. Yesterday when I was with my friend I was waiting in their car scanning through the radio stations and came across a radio station talking about the Fairness Doctrine. When I came home I finally found the Twitter account of the the guy who was talking about it on the radio. He stated on his Twitter that President Obama said he would not reinstate the Fairness Doctrine, but whose to say he won't change his mind. The Fairness Doctrine would take our rights of freedom of speech across radio and television away from us. Here is a link to a petition to stop the Fairness Doctrine.

Petition against Fairness Doctrine


Marcy said...

I have a feeling Obama wants it reimposed, but doesn't want to be the guy to do it.

Liberals in the FCC could do it for Obama without him looking like the bad guy. They are considering putting in place Doctrine Air Democracy, which is basically the Fairness Doctrine in disguise.

Obama wants to silence anyone who disagrees with him. This country is slowly becoming a dictatorship. Conservatives and Christians beware...

Kristi said...

It's very scary. They are, right now, trying to stop Preachers from preaching anything that would be offensive. Well guess what? The Bible is offensive to everyone that does not wish to live right! I'm afraid we'll have some good preachers locked up if this thing passes!

BTW...I'm sorry I haven't been a good bloggy buddy lately. I've been playing on facebook. LOL