Thursday, January 29, 2009

When We March Through

I should have posted this last year sometime, but I never got around to it. This is a video with photos from our camp meeting that we have at the end of July every year. The song is sung by Witness, one of my favorite groups. I hope you all enjoy.

Other things going on in my world. We had snow early Tuesday morning. Then it started to rain. I am still thanking God that we have electric. Back in February 2003 we had a very bad ice storm and our electric was out for a whole week. I'm already crazy but that made me more crazy. Also with no electric we played Scrabble so much, that I wouldn't play it for months after the ice storm.

Tuesday night when my mom was watching the weather I was getting so depressed. I actually told my mom that I wish they would have lied to us and told us that the sun was going to start shining. Also during that night (Tuesday and early Wednesday morning) we had some old familiar sounds around us. Just say it was the sound of gun shots and then a swooshing sound. If you have never heard those sounds before then I will tell you what it was. It was trees around us. The limbs cracking and then sometimes they would break off, that was the gun shot sounds. The swooshing sound was the ice falling off the tree limbs. We had a tree that was in our yard fall and knock the power off at the fire department next to us. They did get the power back on. Pray for other people who still does not have electric.

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