Friday, July 11, 2008

Misinformed Prayer Request!!!!

We received a phone call last night saying that Brian Baer's brother-in-law was in an accident. That he fell and they didn't know how bad it was, but they did know that he had a finger cut off. So I e-mailed some people and ask them to pray for him. I also e-mailed someone that I thought would know the whole story and if it was true. So anyways today I checked my e-mail and one of the e-mails said that they didn't know about what had happened, but they would forward my message to Brian. Well I saw that Brian had e-mailed me and I read the e-mail. Brian said that his brother-in-law had not been in an accident. But one of our Christian Baptist pastors had an accident with a table saw and he had his finger cut off and they could not sew it back on.

So please pray for Bryan Witt. The only thing I know is he lost a finger. If I hear anymore I'll post an update.


Tori said...

Wow, don't you hate it when the lines all get mixed up. If the information makes it to too many people before making it to me there's no telling how different it will be then the truth. :0)
Either way this is sad, I'll say a prayer for Bro. Witt this morning, thanks for sharing that.

Hey thanks also for commenting on my blog. I have been meaning to visit you and I keep forgetting. I won't forget anymore since I added you to my Bloglines!

Have a great weekend and Lord's Day!

Starla said...

Thanks Tori!!!!